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Starting this weekend (10th May) a new event comes to the hypergrid from the team over on the Utopia Skye grid and I asked the grid owners Cali and Mike a few questions about it. Below you will find the answers that they provided to the questions and information about the event. 

If you are free over the weekend come over and check out this new event and say hi to the wonderful people and community over on the Utopia Skye grid. A little promo for myself, I have contributed to the festival and it was great fun putting it together. So without further a do lets get down to it.
In a group DM on discord I asked the grid owners of the Utopia Skye if it would be ok to put out a teleporter to the Erotic Art Fair on the grid this weekend (10th to the 31st May) and if they would answer some questions about it. My first question was "what is the event?"
The Erotic Art Fair is an adult event for people all over the hypergrid. It will showcase erotic and sensual art. There will also be incredible music, the most vibrant particle show by LexxTech and the most stunning fireworks display in virtual presented by PyroVR Fireworks.
Now we know what they event is I then enquired "What is the event about?"
Adult oriented art, lifestyle art, alternative art, sensual art.
Now we know the name, the focus and now for the details about the actual events plans for the weekend of the Fair "What is the event schedule (what do you have planned)?"
Friday May 10th: noon-Lexx's Particle Show (DJ set with Calliope Andel), 2:15 Fireworks Show by PyroVR Fireworks.

Sat May 11th: 10am- DJ set-Edison Rex, noon- DJ set-Benski Trenkins, 2pm- DJ set-Mike Chase, 4pm- DJ set-Calliope Andel.

Sunday May 12th: 12pm- DJ set-Q, 2pm- DJ set-Gertie, 4pm- DJ set-Lil Lowey-vonOtter
The next set of questions are focused more on the Utopia Skye Grid generally as a new comer on the Opensimulator hypergrid some information about them might be interesting. "Tell me about Utopia Skye Grid?"
Utopia Skye grid is a part of the Utopia Skye community that's been around since 2002. We are a gaming community, a community of friends, and now residents in virtual worlds. We are also a creative community having successfully published a book and other media types as well.

Our endeavor is always to provide a place of warmth and community for those who are part of us. Whether you're part of our guilds in MMO games, part of the community in virtual worlds, or part of something else bearing the Utopia Skye name... you're part of our community.
Having been in touch and attended events before on the Utopia Skye Grid I wanted to asked if there were any future performances or events coming up that the hypergrid community might be interested in. "Tell me about any future events and performances coming up on the Utopia Skye Grid?
After the erotic art fair we have a PG art fair scheduled for June. We are also in the very beginning stages of a special "event" to showcase creators (date/schedule TBA but we're thinking sometime this summer).

We're going to have a permiere Golden Touch show this year as well, featuring a showcase piece like never before seen. And in September we have our anniversary celebration as the grid wide wedding/reception celebrating the real life wedding of the grid owners.
Finally I asked "Anything else you would like the hypergrid community to know?"
Utopia Skye Grid is run by Mike Chase and Calliope Andel. Mike is the technical guru for all things virtual and Calliope works with the events and people side of things. Currently we run OpenSim 0.9 base grid with extras and we will be adding many more technical benefits to the grid this year.

We're open to the hypergrid and use gloebits as our currency grid wide. We love visitors and especially love residents. So come on by and visit us or join us in discord to be part of the conversations and events.
thank you to both Mike and Cali for answering my questions and extending me the invitation to take part in the Erotic Art Fair. You can visit to and attend the weekend events and take a look at the art on display and meet the Utopia Skye community. The grid is very friendly and welcoming the music is always great and the particle shows are amazing. 

If you would like to follow or know more information about Utopia Skye Grid here are there social and web links: 
The image to the right is the teleporter that you can take from the HG Traveller Grid to the Erotic Art Fair. The region status (the green bar above the teleporter) will tell you if the region is up and to use walk into the poster and you will be teleported there.
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