A little slice of Norway — Tromso [GCG]


Found a gem of a region whilst rummaging on the OpenSim world website called Tromso on the Great Canadian GridIt has been a few months since the last time I visited Tromso and with the holidays coming up the region is looking more wintery and sparkly than I remember it. 

When you arrive at Tromso to your left is the Tromso expo center and to the right is a town like area. In front of you in a bridge that crosses the river that runs through the middle of the region. On the banks of the river a coastguard boat and commercial cranes adds to the atmosphere. Heading over to the other side of the river you will find a more residential look and feel.

Based on a RL northern norwegian city (same name) and way of life.
Enable windlight sky from your viewer for better experience!
Bellow, list of objects created or modified by me, using them at my sim and offered for free ( COPY and MOD permissions). [source

On the region there is a bus you can ride around on taking in the view as you go. I like this type of interactivity and the scenery and atmosphere can be taken in at a leisurely pace from the bus. It is a good way to a get a sense of the region before exploring on foot. 

Dont forget to head in to the shops and buildings as you can find some interesting items to pick up and decorate your region with. On the HG Traveller region for the portal of Tromso I decorated with a few of the objects that I got at the Museum to give a taste of the region.  

Heading back towards the landing point I noticed the expo center and took a look around. You can find more information about the region on the OpenSim World page.

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